I spent today in a room of entrepreneur’s.  Some were start-ups and some were established businesses who had been around for years.  Some have very little income, whilst others had businesses that were turning over figures I only dream about.

What was it that we all had in common?  We were all there to see what secrets Dale Beaumont could share in a single day.  Dale Beaumont is a well know systems expert.  I had followed his work for many years in my Real Estate Career and now, I was sitting before him learning again.

Like all great free, one day workshops, there was always an up-sell.  This was no different. The purpose of today was to get as many of us in the room to commit to his 12 month Business Blueprint program.  Although I didn’t sign on the dotted line today, I did take away some gold nuggets that will make impacts in my business.  Here are my biggest pieces of gold that I would like to share.

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