I spent today in a room of entrepreneur’s.  Some were start-ups and some were established businesses who had been around for years.  Some have very little income, whilst others had businesses that were turning over figures I only dream about.

What was it that we all had in common?  We were all there to see what secrets Dale Beaumont could share in a single day.  Dale Beaumont is a well know systems expert.  I had followed his work for many years in my Real Estate Career and now, I was sitting before him learning again.

Like all great free, one day workshops, there was always an up-sell.  This was no different. The purpose of today was to get as many of us in the room to commit to his 12 month Business Blueprint program.  Although I didn’t sign on the dotted line today, I did take away some gold nuggets that will make impacts in my business.  Here are my biggest pieces of gold that I would like to share.

  1. Systemize, Systemize, Systemize!!! It is a boring word I know.  All of the reading I do and all of the courses I attend and all of the mentors I listen to all say the same thing.  There has to be something to it then doesn’t there?  Dales recommendation was to use Google Sites. This was something I started to play with 6 months ago when The Entourage came to town.  Basically it is a Google product that you can build your own website on. It is nothing pretty, and certainly nothing you would show the outside world, but when it came to putting together systems for your business, it was the way to go.
  1. Mind mapping. We are all guilty of it!  Everything we know about our businesses is stored in our brains.  We need to do a “brain dump” to get it all out.  How are we supposed to even think about systemising our businesses when everything is safely tucked away in our skull….! How do we do this?  Stick it notes? Scribbled bits and pieces on various notepads (this I am guilty of!)?  Napkins from coffee shops visited when sudden brain waves happen?  NO – Mind Mapping (or variations of it) can be found easily on line.  Free software that you can quite literally dump all of those things we store in our brains in a way that then creates a flow chart of sorts.  From there, you can start to sytemize the things you do in your business.
  1. Use VA’s! I have always been quite opposed to using off-shore services.  I have always been a believer that we should support the local economy and keep the jobs in Australia.  Today, Dale got me to see out of the box.  He said “if your business goes broke, you are no longer contributing to the Australian economy”.  Hmmmm so I can hire a VA for around $5 per hour to do the things I don’t want to do….. I then have more time to build my business which helps other local businesses.  I then get to hire more Australian bookkeepers (as I am still very opposed to off shoring bookkeeping work) and thus I further contribute to the Australian economy… OK Dale – I’m Sold.

I must admit, much of what I saw today I have already seen in various formats.  Heart Centred Money Makers have taught me these things before but it was nice to see it again in a different format. It was also nice to see the time, work and money that has been put into developing Dales Business Blueprint program.  I am in awe of the education and training that he is has available in the program.

Although I didn’t sign up today, I can certainly say that I see the immense value of Dales programs.  It is definitely on my business bucket list.  Do yourself a favour and make a point of going to the one-day workshop when he is next here in August.  It is a day definitely worth making time for.