What happens when you mix a group of amazing bookkeepers, an Accounting Software and a man who can bring 250 people to tears in a matter of seconds?  Magic.

I was looking forward to my trip to the Gold Coast MYOB Partner Connect – to catch up with friends, up skill my knowledge and connect with others.  I got to do all the things I knew I would.  I met many add-on partners, I started new friendships and I further enriched existing ones. I even took out a National MYOB Award!

What else made this trip so special then you may ask?

Many smaller moments all added together and a few that completely changed me somehow.

Michael Crossland is not a name I had ever heard off until last week.  It is now a name that stops me in my tracks, if only for a brief moment.

I first heard Mike speak at the Perth MYOB Partner Connect.  He moved me to tears and profoundly touched a place in my heart.  I immediately bought his book “Kids Don’t Get Cancer” so that I could contribute my little bit to the Camp Quality charity where he donates 100% of the purchase price.

Fast forward to the Gold Coast and I got to meet Mike again.  I got to hear more of his story and be a part of his workshops.  How this man treats every day of his life and every adversity he has faced is nothing short of incredible.  But his message is this – we can all do it.  We can all make an impact.  We all have a responsibility to ourselves and the world to make a difference.  Boy did we make a difference!

MYOB’s Gala Dinner was a stunning event.  The energy in the room and the pure excitement of all who were there made for a beautiful night.  Michael spent some time at the beginning of the night guiding us with humour and poise.  He spoke about paying it forward, how small acts of kindness can make a massive difference.  Suddenly it was announced that a Go Fund Me page had been set up for Michael’s charity Frontier Projects Inc.  He spoke about the difference a small amount can make to the children in his orphanage in Haiti.  We were urged to donate.  And donate we did.

The goal was set at $10’000.  We have now raised $22,040.  But, that is not all.  MYOB’s General Manager, James Scollay and CEO, Tim Reed then pledged that they themselves would match the donation.  On top of that, MYOB would match it again.  Through our collective acts, over $60,000 was raised and Michael was brought to tears.

You can make a difference by also donating to this cause here at RAISE THE ROOF

As Mike writes in his book:

“I simply just want to inspire people so that one day, someone might simply say: Because of you, I didn’t give up”

I am beyond proud to be associated with MYOB and this massive act of paying it forward.  I am proud of everything Michael has done, and I feel as though I am connected to him on a personal level somehow.

There is a saying that Michael uses that I am holding close to my heart –

Do something your future self would be proud of.

MYOB PC - Mike

Kids Don't Get Cancer