Our Rates

While our pricing is extremely competitive and reasonable, we don’t believe that decisions regarding such an important area of your business should be decided upon with the focus being on cost. The cost of fixing up a “cheap job” can be incredible and we have seen these disasters first hand.

We urge you to consider these factors when deciding on the right ‘fit’ for your business before you even think about the dollar figure:

Does the bookkeeper you are talking to “get” you. Do they understand your individuality and can they work within the flexibility of YOUR business, not just theirs?

Are they qualified and are they Registered BAS Agents? Can you verify their information on the Tax Practitioners Board website?

Are they able to provide you with references from both clients and other professionals such as Accountants?

Do they have the backing from a Professional Body such as the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers which ensure their members adhere to a high ethical standard?

Do they have a team of qualified people behind them so if the person doing your books is sick or on holiday, can your business and payroll still function as normal?

What is their ‘why’? Why do they do what they do? Is it a job for them or a passion? This WILL make a difference in your experience with them?

Can you relate to each other and do you feel as though they will hold your personal finances and situation in the utmost of confidentiality?

Do they send any of their work off-shore?

Most people go out and find a bookkeeper based on price without checking whether the bookkeeper is right for their business and if they have a team backing them. I understand this as the subject can be daunting. We make it easy for you.

Once you have the answers to the above then you can really start to value what the right Bookkeeper will mean to you and as such, can base your query of cost with the right thoughts in mind, not solely focus on the out of pocket expense.

We aim to be a part of your team and to build a sustainable trusting relationship.

Please call Jen to discuss your individual needs and how the pricing structure can work for you, within your budget.

We love what we do.
Contact us if you would like to have a chat about what we can do for you